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VISUS® was originally founded in 1977 as "VISUS® Contactlinsen GmbH" by Peter Fanti in Hamburg. As part of a pilot project and the first contact lens clinic, special lenses were fitted. The clinic, which started in the Rotebaumchausee, moved to a more central location, right on the famous Jungfernstieg.


German distributor of vision testing products and leading manufacturer of vision training products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. VISUS is based in Herrenberg (management + logistics) and Stuttgart (showroom). The name could not fit better: visus (Latin "videre") means "vision" or "sight". Experts in ophthalmology and optometry in German-speaking countries use the term Visus for "sharpness of vision".


Thanks to the cooperation between WFGA and Visus, you have the opportunity to get professional training aids to improve your brain's cognitive functions at a discount! Simply use my discount code WFGAHECO10 for your Hecostix purchase by entering it in the "Discount code" field in the shopping cart and it will automatically be added to your 10% discount at the final payment!




HECOstix is a new cognitive training tool for sports vision. The athlete is tasked with grasping the HECOstix by one of the three coloured ends, sometimes while simultaneously performing other tasks.



Waiting for a new model, for which there are no electronic components yet due to the Covid pandemic.

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