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This service is exclusively for existing clients who have completed an initial analysis consisting of 5 training units. This is otherwise a traditional 60-minute training session and you will work with Ecki to drill the goalie skills that we have found to be important for your personal development in the initial analysis. However, Ecki is a goalkeeper with a lot of experience, so he'll definitely add his perspective to the mix and maybe together you'll come up with some other interesting practices that will help you with your catching.


If you want to get a good workout and experience what a proper goalkeeper drill is, this training is for you. There will be some modern tools waiting for you at the training, so the drill will also become a lot of fun. Ecki and I are connected 24/7, so what you tackle first with me, you'll then be able to drill the same things with Ecki.


Drills with Ecki are weekdays only and the times and days are always open a week in advance.

Price: 25 € / hour

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