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A training aid that can improve and speed up the work of your brain, so you can save a lot of energy over thinking and invest it in other necessary activities during the game or training.


The brain is not usually a part of physical exercises, but with the use of the Q-ball it is an absolutely crucial element. It targets over 80% of the cells focused on movement and vision. Your brain controls the movements of your body and how quickly you react to what's around you, not the other way around.


The Qball adapts to any performance level and can be used anywhere. Set your own pace - it's as challenging as you make it! People use Qball for sports training, physical/occupational therapy, and even to make math more fun for students.


Get your own Q-ball and exercise your brain the way it deserves!

Thanks to the collaboration between WFGA and DynaOptic, the clinic that represents Q-ball, you have the opportunity to get your own Q-ball! All you have to do is contact us via email and let us know how many Q-balls you want and where to deliver them. It's a small and portable tool, and very effective and efficient to boot. Definitely don't hesitate to equip yourself with your own Q-ball and take your training to the next level!

Price: 450,-CZK

Price may vary by shipping and handling

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