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Club training

Don't have time in your busy training program to go to the WFGA Academy for individual training? So for you, there is this offer of participation of one of the coaches of the WFGA academy in your club training , where he will pay attention to you in exactly the same way as it would be in an individual training.


With this service, it is very important that this matter first communicates correctly and in time to the head coach of your category. If he agrees, then there is nothing stopping us from starting to work on your goalkeeper skills.

In club training, we will focus on the overall performance of the goalkeeper, which includes the correct technique and choice of moves , an ideal and effective basic goalkeeper position in all different match situations. Work with reading the game and how you think about the exercises in training and adjust it so that it is as effective as possible for you. In our free time we will focus on reaction training, perception, cognition, sight and much more.

Price: 24 € / hour

When training outside Prague, the price will be increased by travel costs at a rate of 0,15 € / km

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