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The WFGA is the first academy of its kind for floorball goalkeepers in the world. This academy takes care of goalkeepers of all skill levels and ages. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional, the most modern training tools and training methods, which is unparalleled in a floorball environment, await everyone.


In training, we will focus on things that you will not be able to practice in the club, so that your training is as effective as possible and your progress is known as much as possible.


You can look forward to training that will focus on the correct technique of movement of the goalkeeper, the correct basic position and position in various shooting situations, reaction and catch training or special training that is aimed at improving cognition, brain and eye training and much more.

Feedback on WFGA

Jiří Jakoubek, head coach of junior world champions from 2019

"Tomas built a great goalie academy in Tatran, which had no competition in the Czech Republic. Thanks to his work with goalkeepers, we had much more confidence in goal across all categories. Individual work with video or even online training will move you as a goalkeeper where you want to!"


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WFGA members

Do you also want to become a member of the academy?

If you are interested in the information above, do not hesitate and choose one of the offered trainings in the SERVICES tab. You can come to the World Floorball Goalie Academy alone or in a group, you can train indoors or outdoors, we can analyze your match or have an online training. You can then include all this in one comprehensive package, in which you have a free non-stop consulting service.


The choice is yours... Catch your dream!

Thanks to partners of the academy!

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